Sunday, October 14, 2012

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This is an essay for my Sociology of film class on post apocalyptic films and whether they affect the way people prepare and view such possible events happening in the future.

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Post Apocalyptic films, both exciting and terrifying, are one of the most popular forms of media for post apocalyptic fiction which has continues to be popular world wide. Post Apocalyptic fiction is enjoyed by cultures all over the world, and has been for well over a hundred years. Many of the post apocalyptic events have some substance of possibility of happening in our lifetimes, which makes them that much more entertaining and thought provoking. Armageddon for example was viewed by over one hundred million people world wide and netted over five hundred million dollars of profit. Heart pounding, mind racing, post apocalyptic films blend adrenalin and thought in one experience. The catastrophes- asteroids, pandemics, zombies, tidal waves, exct.- are based on events that science has deemed remotely possible. Some of these evetns are certainly more plausible than others, but they all hold some form of possibility. Thinking about the possibility of the end of the world, the viewers of post apocalyptic films are engaged in the films in ways that other films are unable to do. These films affect the way that people prepare and think about the potential end of the world and certain films which I will examine have had more affect on viewers than others.

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  1. wonderful piece of writing, Taylor. Just one misidentification:

    Post Apocalyptic fiction IS ENJOYED by cultures all over the world,

    ... passive voice, not active.