Monday, September 10, 2012

Blog 2

So far this semester I have become much more efficient in finding mistakes in everyday written work. We spent multiple classes looking through different magazines looking for mistakes or examples of what we had been working on. I have started to see these patterns, mistakes, or examples in writings outside of class. It is when this starts to happen that I know I am getting something out of that particular class. So often I learn something in class that doesn’t apply to my everyday life so when I started noticing more of these things that we have discussed in class, I know it has been worthwhile. 

I think it is important to continue to look at how language is used, especially for me since I want to write for a living. AS A STUDENT I WOULD COMPLETE ASSIGNMENTS AND DO ONLY WHAT IS REQUIRED; AS A WRITER I HAVE BEGUN TO EXPLORE THE ENGLISH LANGUAG AND HOW IT IS SPOKEN AND WRITTEN AND HOW THAT HAS CHANGED OVER TIME. IT IS THAT WHOSE WRITING INCORPORATES THESE CHANGES IN THE LANGUAGE THAT WILL RESONATE WITH THE READER. Language and everything that goes along with that is my tool. I need to explore, question, and move toward mastering this language if I want to be any kind of writer. 

I have learned some new things in this course and it has especially helped me to open my eyes to the written and spoken English language that is used everyday. I need to know how the language is changing and adapting to our changing culture. As more ways of media arise, new words and rules will also arise in the language. I look forward to the rest of the semester and what new things it  might open up for me.

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  1. So glad to hear that you're noticing this stuff outside of class. Taylor. Losing "sign blindness," or gaining "sign awareness," is key to expanding one's punctuation repertoire.
    I see you didn't use commas after your intro phrases in the pattern of the week ... which is okay. Definitely a writer's option. Okay on WHOSE, although that's a hard sentence to understand. How 'bout the other possessive pronouns? Maybe next time?