Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog 5

I went tailgating this weekend, in Seattle, with family and friends. We pitched our tent, grill, canopy, and chairs (everything needed for a successful tailgate.) Our list of food included mostly what you would expect to find at a tailgate: burgers, hot dogs, chips, crackers and dip, cheese, veggie platters, and wings. We had an array of beverages, which is obviously also needed for a tailgate- at least a successful one. There was soda, beer, wine, rum (which is my favorite), and jello shots. My five year old niece joined us, who is still new to tailgating, but she had a great time non the less. Everything went great for our pre game festivities. Because the Cougars were playing the second best team in the country, non of us were too optimistic about our teams chances. The game was close through the first half- which surprised most in the stadium- but the cougars are the cougars. Until the second half of the game everything had gone just great that day. Whoever thought the Cougars actually stood a chance may be a crazy person, or maybe just a die hard fan. After the whole day's events I was sure tired at the end of the night. In the end I am still glad that I attended the game (perhaps disappointed in my team), but happy regardless.


  1. wow! this was your best blog yet, Taylor--you know, in terms of sentence variety. Great job!

  2. I know my comment it a bit late. This weekend was a forgetful one at times! But I would like to agree with Barb and say that I love your sentence variation. It looks like you used your appositives very nicely, and I enjoy how you threw in a parenthetical within your parallelism. Very nice touch! I also enjoy that you're still using some FANBOYS in your blog this week. The only thing I found wrong was a spelling mistake. "non" instead of "none". Glad you enjoyed the game!